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Stonefountain, Granite (870)

With matching brunished Spouter

Dimensions: 97 x 69cm, height left 27cm, height right 33cm (38 x 27in., height left 10.6in., height right 12.99in.)

sandstonefountain from Alsace (939)

Alsace sandstonefountain from 19th century

Dimensions: 143 x 77cm, height 50cm (56 x 30in., height 19.6in.)

small fountain, antique (891)

granite fountain from Valais Switzerland, 18th/19th century


Dimensions: 125 x 53cm, height 33cm (49 x 20in., height 13in.)

small limestonetrough (858)

garden trough from 19th century

Dimensions: 115 x 65cm, height 35cm (45 x 25in., height 13in.)

Granite (464)

Dimension: 208 x 83cm, height 49cm (81.8 x 32.6in. height 19.2in.)


Granite (546)

Dimension: 186 x 61cm, height 53cm (73 x 24in. height 20.8in.)

Granite Fountain (418)

garden trough from region Valais

Dimensions: 178 x 60cm, height 45cm (70 x 23in., height 17.7in.)

Granite (426)

Dimension: 183 x 88cm, height 52cm (72 x 34.6in., height 20.4in.)


Granite fountain (932)

Dimensions: 361 x 70cm, height 50cm (142 x 27.5in., height 19.6in.)


Granite (941)

Dimensions: 155 x 84cm, height 50cm (61 x 33in., height 19.6in.)


Antique fountain, granite, from Valais Switzerland (917)

Dimensions: 124 x 78cm, height 38cm (48.8 x 30.7in., height 14.9in.)


Granite fountain (919)

Dimensions: 153 x 70cm, height 54cm (60.2 x 27.5in., height 21in.)


limestone from Alsace (719)

Dimensions: 196 x 61cm, height 41cm (77 x 24in., height 16in.)


sandstonefountain from Alsace (940)

Dimensions: 120 x 66cm, height 42cm (47 x 25.9in., height 16.5in.)


old granite trough (935)

Dimensions: 194 x 58cm, height 41cm (76.3 x 22.8in., height 16.1in.)


Antique Trough out of Granite (704)

A small simple trough, around 200 years old with a new spouter.

Dimensions: 86 x 42cm (34 x 16.5in.), 35cm (14in.) high



Antique Garden Fountain (860)

With balanced proportions and beautiful patina, granite

Dimensions: 100 x 46cm, Höhe 30cm (39 x 18in., height 12in.)

small granite trough, rounded (895)

garden trough in an ovale shape

Dimensions: 107 x 65cm, height 35cm (42 x 25in., height 13in.)


granite fountain, 18th century (893)

antique natural stone fountain from Valais Switzerland


Dimensions: 85 x 54cm, height 30cm (33 x 21in., height 11.8in.)

Granite Fountain (803)

Old granite trough from Valais, Switzerland

Dimensions: 110 x 63 x 43cm (43 x 25 x 17in.)

Antique fountain from Valais Switzerland, 18th century (889)

Historical granite fountain


Dimensions: 137 x 59cm, height 38cm (53 x 23in., height 15in.)

Square Shaped Granite Trough (861)

Rare shape and good height

Dimensions: 125 x 125cm, height 57cm (49 x 49in., height 22.5in.)

Granite Fountain, also Suitable as a Wall Fountain (852)

Ornate, conical form with bulge, 19th century, from Switzerland

Dimensions: 120 x 90cm, height 80cm (47 x 35in., height 31.5in.)

granite fountain 19th century (435)

Antique fountain from Valais Switzerland


Dimensions: 159 x 61cm, height 43/36cm (62 x 24in., height 16/14in.)

Fountain with Outstanding Patina (866)

Antique Fountain out of Granite

Dimensions: 149 x 74cm, height 44cm (59 x 29in., height 17in.)

Granite Trough (912)

About 300 years old

Dimensions: 125 x 107 x 70cm (49 x 42 x 27.5in.)


Limestone Fountain (820)

Fountain out of jura limestone

Original combination of trough and pillar

Dimensions: 136 x 95 x 85cm (54 x 38 x 34in)


Granite Fountain (882)

A granite fountain from France, 18th / 19th Century

Dimensions: 141 x 72cm, height 47cm (55 x 28in., height 18in.)


Antique Home Fountain (868)

Round shaped spouter, brunished in brass

Dimensions: 163 x 60cm, height 40cm (64 x 24in., height 16in.)

Granite Fountain (700)

A unique granite fountain shown here as a rain water tank

Dimensions: 158 x 78cm (62 x 31 in.), 55cm (22in.) high


sandlimestone fountain, 19th century (715)

Antique sandlimestone fountain from France


Dimensions: 167 x 70cm, height 45cm (65 x 27in., height 17in.)

Granite Fountain (879)

From Switzerland (VD)

Dimensions: 163 x 87cm, height 65cm (64 x 34in., height 26in.)

Lime Sandstone Fountain (887)

From the Alsace Region

Dimensions: 160 x 115 x 90cm (63 x 45 x 35.5in)


Antique Granite Trough (864)

Perfect size to use with/for rainwater

130 x 154cm, height 75cm (51 x 61in., height 30in.)

Granite fountain (109)

Narrow shape

Dimensions: 173 x 60 x 57cm (68 x 24 x 23in.)


sandstone fountain, dated 1837 (723)

ancient fountain from Alsace region, 1837


Dimensions: 179 x 92cm, height 46cm (70 x 36in., height 18in.)

Antique Granite Fountain from France (863)

Fine Patina and large capacity

Dimensions: 180 x 116cm, height 75cm (71 x 65in., height 30in.)

sandstone fountain from Alsace region, 18th/19th century (722)

Antique fountain with a very nice patina


Dimensions 198 x 64cm, height 38cm (77 x 25in., height 14in.)

Limestone Fountain (875)

Marvelous crafting out of a limestone with excellent quality, from France

Dimensions: 200 x 60cm, height 50cm (79 x 24in., height 20in.)

Antique Limestone Fountain (436)

Beautiful limestone fountain, used to stand in Winterthur, Switzerland
From the 19th century

Dimensions: 192 x 103 x 70cm (75.5 x 40.5 x 24.5in)


Granite Trough (718)

Used as a container back in the 18th century.

Dimensions: 220 x 59cm, height 48cm (87 x 23in., height 19in.)

Wide Granite Fountain (884)

Great size for use as a rainwater tank or bathing pool

Dimensions: 220 x 123cm, height 62cm (87 x 48in., height 24.5in.)

Old Granite Fountain (510)

From France

Dimensions: 260 x 75 x 68cm (91 x 30 x 27in.)


Lime Sandstone Waterspout Fountain (483)

Around 50 years old, comes in three matching parts

Dimensions: big trough Ø 120cm (47in.), small trough Ø 68cm (27in.), total height 210cm (83in.)

Old Courtyard Fountain (862)

Beautiful shape and outstanding patina.

Dimensions: 232 x 74cm, height 45/55cm (91 x 29in., height 17.5/21.5in.)

Antique Sandstone Fountain (880)

Outstanding Sandstone Fountain from France

Dimensions: 270 x 75cm, height 55cm (106 x 29.5in., height 22in.)

Limestone fountain from Switzerland (702)

The spout is made of burnished brass

Dimensions: 277 x 58 x 40cm (109 x 23 x 16in.)


Huge Shell Limestone fountain (437)

Dimensions: 270x130cm, hight 78 (106x51in., 31in. high)

Limestone Fountain, Jura Limestone (57)

Fountain from Solohurn, Switzerland

In excellent shape

Dimensions: 310 x 84cm, height 60cm (122 x 33in, height 24in)

Large Limestone Trough, perfect for a bath (877)

Jura limestone, from Geneva

Dimensions: 270 x 132cm, height 50cm (106 x 52in., height 20in.)

large granite fountain, 18th/19th century (822)

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antique fountain out of granite


Dimensions: 150 x 100cm, height 65cm (59 x 39in., height 26in.)

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