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Round granite basin with two faces (2280)

196 x 157 cm, height 52 cm, depth 31 cm

(77.16 x 61.81 in., height 20.47 in., depht 12.20 in.)

Magic fountain - the two faces and the moss with the lichen give the fountain a fairytale appearance.

Semicircular limestone fountain (2343)

156 x 76cm, height 85cm, depth 23cm

Rim with beads, set off from the rim of the fountain.
Fountain base in patinated cast iron, recast, 19th century.


Dimensions: 175 x 92 cm, height 54 cm, depth 44 cm

(68.89 x 36.22 in., height 21.25 in., depht 17.32 in.)


Granit fountain (1137)

237 x 106cm, height 72cm

Origin: Switzerlan

Limestone press (2260)

Dimensions: Ø 154 cm, height 27 cm

(Ø 60.62 in., height 28.34 in.)


Limestone fountain (2346)

Diameter: 104cm, height 82cm, depth 56cm


Limestone fountain (2391)

Diameter: 89cm, height 72cm, depth 51cm

Diameter 35.03 in., height 17.32 n., depth 12.99 in.

Round limestone trough (2212)

Dimensions: Ø 106 cm, height 77 cm

(Ø 41.73 in., height 30.31 in.)



Wall fountain limestone (2411)

161 x 74cm, height 50cm, depth 31cm

dated 1874

Font in sandstone (2259)

Dimensions: Ø 64 cm, height 84 cm

(Ø 25.19 in., height 33.07 in.)


Font in limestone (2199)

Dimensions: Ø 70cm, height 84cm

(Ø 27.55in., height 33.07in.)

Font (1095)

Dimensions: Ø 60cm, height 98cm

(Ø 23.62in., height 38.58in.)

The basin, lifted by a slightly bulging pillar and with its fine ridges and the staggered, rounded finish, is capable of bringing tears to a “wooden” eye by exuding such tranquillity.


Wall fountain, limestone (2237)

Dimensions: 75 x 66 cm, height 39 cm

(29.52 x 25.98 in., height 15.35 in.)


Round limestone trough (2275)

Ø 99 cm, height 35cm

(Ø 38.97 in., height 13.77 in.)


Round drawing well (956)

Dimensions well: 174 x 174cm, height 91cm

(68.50 x 68.50in., height 35.82in.)

Dimensions floor (underground): 216 x 217cm, height 17cm

(85.03 x 85.43in., height 6.69in.)

This fountain is a jewel whose shape texture is able to develop an extraordinary harmony.

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