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Antique sandstone fountain from Switzerland (11)

The origin of this fountain is Rapperswil, on Lake Zurich. The trough comes from 1859 and the pillar on top, which was added after, is from about 40 years ago.

Dimensions: 270 x 103 x 72 (106 x 41 x 28in.)

round granite trough from 18th century (894)

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Antique granite trough from Wallis Switzerland


Ø 67cm, height 32cm (Ø 26in., height 16 in.)

small wall fountain, sandstone (888)

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sandstonefountain from east of Switzerland, 19th century

105 x 75cm, height 65cm (41 x 29in., height 26in.)


Lime Sandstone fountain (731)

Dimensions: 130 x 48cm, height 40cm (51 x 19in., height 16in.)

Round Sandstone Trough from 1791

Winch well from France

Dimensions: Ø 106cm, height 72cm (Ø 42in., height 28in.)

Historical Fountain from the 18th Century, Limestone (615)

Dimensions: 151 x 80cm height 58cm (59 x 31.5in., height 23in.)


Large, rustic Wall Fountain out of Granite (501)

Dimensions: 162 x 98cm, height 59cm (64 x 37in., height 23in.)


Iron cast trough

Round fountain trough with center spouter

From Switzerland

Dimensions: Ø 120cm, Höhe 100cm (Ø 47in., height 39in.)


Limestonefountain in Oval Shape

19th century, from Switzerland

92 x 64cm, Höhe 77cm (36 x 25in, height 30in.)

Antique Limestone Fountain from Geneva, from about 1900

From Cologny, Switzerland, at Lake Geneva

Dimensions: 160 x 82cm, height 84cm (63 x 32in., height 33in.)

Large Center Fountain, 18th Century, with Putto made of Cast Iron

Jura limestone segments, impressive stone carvings from France, 18th century
Putto with fish from the 19th century comes with a new patina
Dimensions fountain: Ø 400cm, height 52cm (Ø 157,5in., height 20.5in.)


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