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Two columns, heigh 277cm, base 55x55cm

Two masterfully crafted limestone columns. The elaborate ornamentation gives the columns an inviting lightness. A very nice, frost-proof limestone. Italy. 1st half 20th century

Cup-Shaped Vase

Iron Cast

Dimensions: Ø 60 cm, height 72cm, base 35 x 35cm ( Ø 24in., height 28in., base 14 x 14in.)

Sandstone Vases from Italy (204)

Dimensions: Ø 70cm, height 100cm, base 37 x 37cm (Ø 28in., height 39in., base 15 x 15in.)

Cup-Shaped Vase-Pair (398)

Dimensions: Ø 65cm, height 65cm, base 30 x 30cm ( Ø 26in., height 26in., base 12 x 12in.)

Antique Fountain Spout

Historic spout, iron

Length 555mm (22in.), Ø 60/50mm (2.3/2in.)

Water Spout out of Cast Iron

Antique fountain spout with lion ornament, newly patinated

Length 435mm (17in.), Ø 60/45mm (2.3/1.8in.)

Cast Iron Spout, very rare Design

Antique water spout with outstanding patina

Length 420mm (16.5in.), Ø 90/45mm (3.6/1.8in.)

Pair of Lion Wall Masks

Two wall spouts out of Iron

185 x 150mm (7.2 x 6in.), depth 80mm (3.1in.)

Long Fountain Spout

Antique spout with lion head, cast iron

Length 700mm (27.5in.), Ø 50mm (2in.)

Lion Mask for Wall Fountain

Wall spout out of cast iron

185 x 150mm (7.3 x 5.9in), depth 80mm (3.1in.)

Old Fountain Spout

Historic water spout with old patina

Length 250mm (9.8in.), Ø 60/55mm (2.3/2.1in.)

Antique Water Spout

Old fountain spout out of cast iron

Length 380mm (15in.), Ø 42mm (1.6in.)

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