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Archangel Michael

Dimensions: height 250cm, base 70 x 60cm

(height 98.42in., base 27.55 x 23.62in.)

This statue was made by the RAFFL foundry and is listed in the foundry's catalog no. 59.
It follows the model of the painting St. Michael Defeating the Devil, painted by Raphael in 1518 and kept in the Louvre.
St. Michael the Archangel balances on his right foot, which rests on the demon's back. With both hands he holds his lance against the back of the winged devil, who is thrown onto a rock and turns his horned head towards his adversary. 



Length: 287 cm, height: 198 cm, depth: 89 cm

Age of model: 1887

Artist: Isidore Jules Bonheur

Origin: France

Material: Cast iron, patinated

This monumental bull watches over its territory with an impressive presence. Its head is raised and turned to the side, its eyes and ears wide awake. The tail is in powerful motion and the legs are in taut readiness.

life-size woman sculpture

Dimensions: height 130cm (51.2in.)

Graceful women scupture, cast iron, patinated.

Cast iron stag, life-size, P. Rouillard

Dimensions: height 250cm, base 170 x 58cm

(height 98in., base 67 x 23in.)

Stag with antlers of exceptional beauty. Vigorous radiance and accurate in every detail.

Atalanta and Hippomenes

This pair of antique cast iron garden statues was made in the 19th century. The original statues were made of marble by Lepautre and Coustou Père by order of King Louis XIV to decorate the castle of Marly. Today the original marble statues are in the Louvre Museum in Paris.


bacchanalian child

Height: 123cm, base 36 x 37cm

Cast iron figure, modeled around 1870 as a bacchanalian child holding a shell basin. Right foot on a shell, square base with cast signature "A. DURENNE PARIS".


child with reed

Height 103 cm, iron casting patinated

A fine center figure holding reeds with both hands. The design language gives a dynamic accent to the water feature.

Cast by A. Durenne, after a model by Mathurin Moreau, 19th c.

Life-Sized Boar out of Bronze Cast

Detailed casting from an art foundry in Versilia, Italy.

A stonebase with an indentation serves as a basin.
Model from Benelli, a repicla of that work is a popular symbol of florence

Dimensions with Stonebase: 180 x 200cm, height 180cm

(71 x 79in., height 71in.)


center figure

Height 150cm

Ø lower basin: 90cm, Ø upper basin: 45cm

base: 62 x 62cm

Two-story fountain made of cast iron. On the richly decorated foot of the fountain stands a boy carrying the two water bowls.


Joseph with Jesus

Dimensions: height 134cm, base 36 x 33cm

(height 52.75in., base 14.17 x 12.99in.)

Very beautifully crafted figure made of cast iron.

Saint Joseph with infant Jesus, in his right hand as an attribute carrying a lily branch. Lovely Jesus holds the globe with cross in his hand. His outstretched fingers symbolize the Trinity.


Cast iron sculpture, 19th century, Val D’Osne

Dimensions: 56 x 57cm, height 126cm

(22.04 x 22.44in., height 49.60in.)

A cultural and art historical highlight produced in the art foundry Val D‘Osne.

Graceful, nearly real-life size female figure sitting next to the water, emitting a jet of water from a shell.

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