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Women in Lifesize

A wonderful Gardenstatue in Cast Iron

hight 130cm (51.2In)


Women from iron cast, 19th century Val D 'Osne

An art and cultural history highlight from the Val D 'osne art energy. In the historical catalogue of foundry, the work is depicted on the page 613. Here you can see the well-known version of the artwork.

Dimensions: 126cm hight, 56cmx57cm

Stag, Cast Iron

Cast iron figur by french artist P. Rouillard
Dimensions: height 250cm, base 170 x 58cm

(height 98in., base 67 x 23in.)

Putto out of Iron Cast, 19th century

Sculpture of a boy from the art foundry Barbezat in Val d'Osne (France)

Dimensions: height 145cm, bse Ø 38cm (height 57in., base Ø15in.)


Cup-Shaped Vase

Iron Cast

Dimensions: Ø 60 cm, height 72cm, base 35 x 35cm

( Ø 24in., height 28in., base 14 x 14in.)

Life-Sized Boar out of Bronze Cast

Dimensions with Stonebase: 180 x 200cm, height 180cm

(71 x 79in., height 71in.)

Detailed casting from an art foundry in Versilia, Italy.
A stonebase with an indentation serves as a basin.
Model from Benelli, a repicla of that work is a popular symbol of florence


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