Antique garden Architecture

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Pavilion, cast iron

This high quality bandstand was made according to an old model. It is hexagonal and has a diameter of 350cm at the bottom, the roof 414cm. The total height is 4.2m without wind vane.

The copper roof with gutter and gargoyle has a wooden cladding inside.

Garden oasis / grotto with a skulpture Paulus

Unique garden oasis made from whinstone combined with a cast iron skulpture.

A possible mise-en-scène that we created for our exhibition.

Iron cast fountain | akanthus

height: 151cm, newly patinated

Swiss model from the 19th century (von Roll)
newly patinated


Iron cast fountain | fluted

height: 177cm, newly patinated

Swiss model from the 19th century

IRON CAST FOUNTAIN | big, classic

height: 228cm, newly patinated

Replica from the original (Küferei Hundwil),19th century




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