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Historic Fountains and Sculptures

Every fountain represents a certain time and culture. Good pieces do not lose their beauty and are still fascinating today. We offer these unique objects we found all over France, Italy and Switzerland.

We check the fountains for thightness and make sure that they are ready for use right after the delivery. Years of experience taught us, which well belongs to which garden - convince yourself of our projects on our homepage. We look forward to hearing from you.

A historic fountain in art nouveau style


Fountains and Sculptures on offer

Fountain granite (2000)

Dimensions:141 x 88cm, height 58cm

(55.51 x 34.64in., height 22.83in.)

from Switzerland

wall fountain, granite (2037)

Dimensions: 99 x 70cm, height 50cm

(38.97 x 27.55in., height 19.68in.)

origin: Switzerland


Limestone fountain from Switzerland (2103)

Dimensions: 208 x 87cm, height 46cm

(81.88 x 34.25in., height 18.11in.)


Classy limestone fountain (2109)

Dimensions:170 x 113cm, height 62cm

(66.92 x 44.48in., height 24.40in.)


Granite fountain (1198)

Dimensions: 157 x 71cm, height 40cm

(61.81 x 27.95in., height 15.74in.)

fountain shell limestone (1187)

Dimensions: 273 x 85cm, height  51cm

(107.48 x 33.46in., height 20.07in.)

Origin: Switzerland

dated 1911

Round drawing well (956)

Dimensions well: 174 x 174cm, height 91cm

(68.50 x 68.50in., height 35.82in.)

Dimensions floor (underground): 216 x 217cm, height 17cm

(85.03 x 85.43in., height 6.69in.)

This fountain is a jewel whose shape texture is able to develop an extraordinary harmony.

wall fountain, sandstone (1146)

Dimensions: 117 x 77cm, Höhe 67cm

(46.06 x 30.31in., height 26.37in.)


round granite fountain from France (2002)

Dimensions: Ø 104cm, height 55cm

(Ø 40.94in., height 21.65in.)



Water scooping fountain from the 19th century. (1039)

Dimensions: 173 x 118cm, height 51cm

(68.11 x 46.45in., height 20.07in.)

Rare limestone fountain with pillar.

Origin: region of Neuenburg

The water pillar with its spout and two metal bars to put containers on, cans or buckets is placed in the centre.


Fountain granite (2056)

Dimensions: 144 x 75 cm, height 50cm

(56.69 x 29.52in., height 19.68in.)

Drinking trough of unusual length (1015)

Dimensions: 349 x 89cm, height 49cm

(137.40 x 35.03in., height 19.29in.)

Origin: Neuenburg

Such big troughs were used as a watering place for horned cattle and cart and draft horses next to markets and train stations.


Round drawing well (956)

Dimension well: 174x174cm, height 91cm

Dimension floor (underground): 216x 217cm, height 17cm

This fountain is a jewel whose shape texture is able to develop an extraordinary harmony.


Fountain granite (2022)

Dimensions: 136 x 90cm, height 54cm

(53.54 x 35.43in., height 21.25in.)

Fountain sandstone (2065)

Dimensions: 214 x 82cm, height 46cm

(84.25 x 32.28in., height 18.11in.)

Swiss Limestone fountain (1149)

Dimensions: 316 x 70cm, Höhe 45cm

(124.40 x 27.55in., height 17.71in.)

Origin: Bern (Switzerland)

Dated 1886

Granite foutain (1183)

Dimensions: 156 x 86cm, height 50cm

(61.41 x 33.85in., height 19.68in.)

Origin: France


Small limestone trough (2098)

Dimensions: 104 x 78cm, height 48cm

(40.94 x 30.70in., height 18.89in.)


Limestone fountain (1050)

Dimensions: 165 x 120cm, height 75cm

(64.96 x 47.24in., height 29.52in.)

18. century, from Switzerland

With a massive pillar behind the trough.




small Granite fountain (1122)

Dimensions: 103 x 70cm, height 53cm

(40.55 x 27.55in., height 20.86in.)

Origin: France

Impressive Limestone Fountain (699)

Dimensions: 190 x 137 x 360cm

(75 x 54 x 142in.) 

A rare object with an arch on top and space for a sculpture.


Limestone fountain (2104)

Dimensions: 135 x 82cm, Höhe 55cm

(53.14 x 32.28in., height 21.65in.)

fountain, shell Limestone (1186)

Dimensions: 273 x 85cm, height 51cm

(107.48 x 33.46in., height 20.07in.)

fountain: shell limestone, 19th century

pillar: granite, not original


fountain shell limestone (1151)

Dimensions: 304 x 102cm, height 55cm

(119.68 x 40.15in., height 21.65in.)

Origin: Estavayer

Dated 1916

round fountain, granite (2030)

Dimensions: Ø 114cm, height 54cm

(Ø 44.88in., height 21.25in.)

Font (1095)

Dimensions: Ø 98cm, height 60cm

(Ø 38.58in., height 23.62in.)

The basin, lifted by a slightly bulging pillar and with its fine ridges and the staggered, rounded finish, is capable of bringing tears to a “wooden” eye by exuding such tranquillity.


Limestone fountain, antique (429)

Dimensions: 160 x 82cm, height 84cm

(63 x 32in., height 33in.)

Cast iron pillar, 19th century, newly patinised.

Formerly situated at the lake of Geneva on an estate from the turn of the century.

round fountain, limestone (2063)

Dimensions: Ø 125cm, height 97cm

(Ø 49.21in., height 38.18in.)

Fountain Granite (2007)

Dimensions: 200 x 120cm, height 78cm

(78.74 x 47.24in., height 30.70in.)

handsome limestone fountain (2105)

Dimensions: 244 x 107cm, height 78cm

(96.06 x 42.12in., height 30.70in.)


Small Granite well (2005)

Dimensions: 120 x 80cm, height 62cm

(47.24 x 31.49in., height 24.40in.)

Limestone fountain (2106)

Dimensions: 160 x 74cm, height 64cm

(62.99 x 29.13in., height 25.19in.)


Granite fountain (1192)

Dimensions: 170 x 62cm, height 46cm

(66.92 x 24.40in., height 18.11in.)

Origin: France

Limestone fountain (2072)

Dimensions: 130 x 75cm, height 62cm

(51.18 x 29.52in., height 24.40in.)

Fountain limestone (2068)

Dimensions: 158 x 79cm, height 55cm

(62.20 x 31.10in., height 21.65in.)

fountain shell limestone (887)

Dimensions: 160x 115cm, height 90cm

(63 x 45in., height 35.5in.)

Can be lowered into the ground ca. 25cm in order to get a nice viewing height.


Limestone fountain (2084)

Dimensions: 217 x 92cm, height 66cm

(85.43 x 36.22in., height 25.98in.)


Well-formed fountain, limestone (2108)

Dimensions: 286 x 107cm, height 68cm

(112.59 x 42.16in., height 26.77 in.)


Fountain Shell limestone (1150)

Dimensions: 230 x 74cm, height 46cm

(90.55 x 29.13in., height 18.11in.)

Origin: Peyerne, Switzerland

Dated 1900


Granite fountain (1086)

Dimensions: 123 x 81cm, height 50cm

(48.42 x 31.88in., height 19.68in.)


Limestone fountain (2018)

Dimensions: 200x 97cm, height 62cm

(78.74 x 38.18in., height 24.40in.)


Fountain or representative vase, iron cast, 19th century

Dimensions: Ø 120cm, height 100cm

(Ø 47in., height 39in.)

Extremely massive iron cast, origin Switzerland

The chalice-shaped basin is ribbed like a shell at the lower part.

limestone fountain (2076)

Dimensions: Ø 110cm, height 76cm

(Ø 43.30in., height 29.92in.)


Press limestone (2013)

Dimensions: Ø 170cm, height 60cm

(Ø 66.92in., height 23.62in.)

dated 1850


Waterspout fountain, sand-lime brick (483)

Dimensions: big trough Ø 120cm (47in.), small trough Ø 68cm (27in.)

Total height 210cm (83in.)

Floral weir with a subjacent collecting pan.

Style of the trough ca. second half of the 19th century.

Granite fountain, semi-circular (990)

Dimensions: 113 x 89cm, height 38cm

(44.49 x 35.04in., height 14.96in.)

Rustic, small fountain basin. The natural shape of the original rubble stone is still clearly visible.


Granite fountain (1188)

Dimensions: 93 x 57cm, height 48cm

(36.61 x 22.44in., height 18.89in.)

Beautiful Limestone well (2085)

Dimensions: 237 x 88cm, height 57cm

(93.30 x 34.64in., height 22.44in.)


Granite Fountain (928)

Dimensions:165 x 75cm, height 46cm

(61.41 x 29.52in., height 18.11in.)

Suitable for the kitchen garden or as a work facility fountain.

Limestone fountain, antique watering place (987)

Dimensions: 164 x 112cm, height 71cm

(64.57 x 44.09in., height 27.95in.)

A very large watering place from France. Subtly polished from usage, roughly cut on the outside.

Nice light limestone.



Granite fountain from France (1115)

Dimensions: 252 x 67cm, height 60cm

(99.21 x 26.37in., height 23.62in.)

A former watering place of a fine length and height.

Limestone fountain (2087)

Dimensions: 200 x 95cm, height 63cm

(78.74 x 37.40in., height 24.80in.)


Antique limestone fountain, Geneva around 1900 (429)

Dimensions: 160 x 82cm, height 84cm

(63 x 32in., height 33in.)

Cast iron pillar, 19th Century, newly patinated

The former site was on an estate from the turn of the century at the lake of Geneva.

Elegant, concavely expanded basin, showing an impressive art nouveau style. 


Granite fountain, former storage container (973)

Dimensions: 135/168 x 109cm, height 72cm

(53.15/66.14 x 42.91in., height 28.35in.)

Wall fountain, fine height and unique shape.


Limestone fountain (2094)

Dimensions: 197 x 108cm, height 75cm

(77.55 x 42.51in., height 29.52in.)


Stonefountain, Granite, France (2035)

Dimensions: 182 x 62cm, height 47cm

(71.65 x 24.40in., height 18.50in.)



Granite Fountain (2033)

Dimensions:123 x 88cm, height 47cm

(48.42 x 34.64in., height 18.50in.)

Stonefountain, Granite, France (2025)

Dimensions: 140 x 83cm, height 47cm

(55.11 x 32.67in., height 18.50in.)



Granite fountain (2006)

Dimensions: 142 x 84cm, height 55cm

(55.90 x 33.07in., height 21.65in.)

Delightful shape, ideal size for a domestic fountain.


Stonefountain, Granite (2038)

Dimensions: 124 x 65cm, height 46cm

(48.81 x 25.59in., height 18.11in.)

With matching brunished Spouter

Limestone fountain (2095)

Dimensions: 190 x 110cm, height 62cm

(74.80 x 43.30in., height 42.40in.)


Granite Fountain (1126)

Dimensions: 123 x 71cm, height 70cm

(48.42 x 27.95in., height 27.55in.)


Sandstone fountain (1132)

Dimensions: 160 x 59cm, height 50cm

(62.99 x 23.22in., height 19.68in.)

Origin: France

A fountain as if it were out of a picture book – simply cut and yet expressive.

Limestone fountain (2071)

Dimensions: 169 x 84cm, height 62cm

(66.53 x 33.07in., height 24.40in.)

Granite garden fountain (1098)

Dimensions: 132 x 67cm, height 50cm

(51.96 x26.37in., height 19.68in.)

Rather thin-walled, former storage container. Suitable size and shape for a garden fountain.


Limestone fountain (2099)

Dimensions: 181 x 98cm, height 68cm

(71.25 x 38.58in., height 26.77in.)


Granite trough (2097)

Dimensions: 110 x 100cm, height 45cm

(43.30 x 39.37in., height 17.71in.)


small limestonetrough (858)

Dimensions: 115 x 65cm, height 35cm

(45 x 25in., height 13in.)

Garden trough from 19th century

Granite Fountain (1120)

Dimensions: 140 x 64cm, height 49cm

(55.11 x 25.19in., height 19.29in.)

From France

Granite (941)

Dimensions: 155 x 84cm, height 50cm 

(61 x 33in., height 19.6in.)

with coating on the inside


Limeston bathing fountain (2110)

Dimensions: 238 x 106cm, height 89cm

(93.70 x 41.73in., height 35.03in.)

A large, elegant well from France, which is perfectly suitable for bathing.


Limestone well (2112)

Dimensions: 144 x 86cm, height 56cm

(56.69 x 33.85in., height 22.04in.)

Lime sandstone fountain (1038)

Dimensions: 180 x 60cm, hight 45cm

(70.86 x 23.62in., height 17.71in.)

Thick-walled basin from Germany with a vivid patina.

Granite Fountain (803)

Dimensions: 110 x 63 x 43cm

(43 x 25in., hight 17in.)

Old granite basin from the Valais.

Limestone fountain (2089)

Dimensions: 146 x 97cm, height 73cm

(57.48 x 38.18in., height 28.74in.)


Limestone fountain (2092)

Dimensions: 180 x 84cm, height 50cm

(70.86 x 33.07in., height 19.68in.)


Granite Fountain (882)

Dimensions: 141 x 72cm, height 47cm

(55 x 28in., height 18in.)

A granite fountain from France, 18th / 19th Century


Limestone fountain (2075)

Dimensions: 210 x 100cm, height 62cm

(82.67 x 39.37in., height 24.40in.)


Big shell limestone fountain (437)

Dimensions: 270x130cm, height 78cm

(106 x 51in., height 31in.)

Massive and yet noble thanks to its diligent workmanship, this fountain will present a striking element in any garden.

With a mirror at its front and a partition of the basin by a fish compound.

Limestone fountain (2114)

Dimensions: 170 x 113cm, height 57cm

(66.92 x 44.48in., height 22.44in.)


Small limestone fountain (1106)

Dimensions: 70 x 57cm, height 48cm

(27.55 x 22.44in., height 18.89in.)

Small functional utility fountain from France.



sandlimestone fountain (1152)

Dimensions: 188 x 71cm, height 62cm

(74.01 x 27.95in., height 24.40in.)



Granite fountain (1040)

Dimensions: 218 x 61cm, height 44cm

(85.82 x 24.01in., height 17.32in.)

The basin is rectangular with rounded edges, level and spacious.

Granite fountain (1055)

Dimensions: 190 x 95cm, height 60cm

(74.80 x 37.40in., heigth 23.62in.)

Origin: Vichy

Angular granite fountain (2055)

Dimensions: 197 x 106cm, height 58cm

(77.55 x 41.73in., height 22.83in.)


Antique Granite Trough (864)

Dimensions: 130 x 154cm, height 75cm

(51 x 61in., height 30in.)

Perfect size to use with/for rainwater

Limestone well (2115)

Dimension: 203 x 84cm, height 61cm

(79.92 x 33.07in., height 24.01in.)


Granite Fountain (726)

Dimensions: 145 x 87cm, height 55cm

(57.08 x 34.25in., height 21.65in.)

The fountain trough is cross-rectangular with bevelled edges.

In the centre of the trough the cast-iron pillar with a pleasing patina.


sandstone fountain, dated 1837 (723)

Dimensions: 179 x 92cm, height 46cm

(70 x 36in., height 18in.)

Ancient fountain from Alsace region, 1837

Antique Granite Fountain from France (863)

Dimensions: 180 x 116cm, height 75cm

(71 x 65in., height 30in.)

Fine Patina and large capacity

Bolliger sandstone fountain (436)

Dimensions: 192 x 103cm, height 70cm

(75.5 x 40.5in., height 24.5in.)

From Veltheim near Winterthur, 19th century, date illegible.

Also suitable as a bathing pool.


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