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Historic Fountains and Sculptures

Every fountain represents a certain time and culture. Good pieces do not lose their beauty and are still fascinating today. We offer these unique objects we found all over France, Italy and Switzerland.

We check the fountains for thightness and make sure that they are ready for use right after the delivery. Years of experience taught us, which well belongs to which garden - convince yourself of our projects on our homepage. We look forward to hearing from you.

A historic fountain in art nouveau style


Fountains and Sculptures on offer

Courtyard fountain with an original pillar (1083)

Dimensions: 250 x 90cm, height 57cm

(98.42 x 35.43in., height 22.44in.)

Crowned with a sphere from the year 1879.

Very rare, complete combination.



Dimensions: 175 x 92cm, height 54cm, depth 44cm


Lovely Fountain, iron cast (2204)

height: 200cm (78.74in.)

diameter basin: 55cm (21.65in.)

height basin: 74cm (29.3in.)

base bottom: 34 x 34cm (13.38 x 13.38in.)


wonderful round trough (2262)

Dimensions: Ø 160cm, height 78cm, depht 70cm


Center fountain made of limestone (2253)

Dimensions: Ø 300cm, height 79cm

Made of 8 elaborately crafted segments.

classic bead with additional offset, skirting board as a decorative element

Origin France 19th century

Fountain iron (2074)

300 x 100cm, height 60cm

(118.11 x 39.37in., height 23.62in.)


Fountain limestone (2170)

Dimensions: 300 x 77cm, height 50cm

(118.11 x 30.31in., 19.68in.)

Origin: cloister Jesus, Solothurn, Switzerland


Font in limestone (2199)

Dimensions: Ø 70cm, height 84cm

(Ø 27.55in., height 33.07in.)

Oval granite fountain (2191)

Dimensions:137 x 61cm, height 44cm

(53.93 x 24.01in., height 17.32in.)


Font (1095)

Dimensions: Ø 98cm, height 60cm

(Ø 38.58in., height 23.62in.)

The basin, lifted by a slightly bulging pillar and with its fine ridges and the staggered, rounded finish, is capable of bringing tears to a “wooden” eye by exuding such tranquillity.


Wall fountain limestone (2173)

Dimension: 100 x 74cm, height 60cm

(39.37 X 29.13in., height 23.62in.)


Round drawing well (956)

Dimensions well: 174 x 174cm, height 91cm

(68.50 x 68.50in., height 35.82in.)

Dimensions floor (underground): 216 x 217cm, height 17cm

(85.03 x 85.43in., height 6.69in.)

This fountain is a jewel whose shape texture is able to develop an extraordinary harmony.

Impressive Limestone Fountain (699)

Dimensions: 190 x 137 x 360cm

(75 x 54 x 142in.) 

A rare object with an arch on top and space for a sculpture.


Round drawing well (956)

Dimension well: 174 x 174cm, height 91cm

(68.50 x 68.50in., height 35.82in.)

Dimension floor (underground): 216x 217cm, height 17cm

(85.03 x 85.43in., height 6.69in.)

This fountain is a jewel whose shape texture is able to develop an extraordinary harmony.


Oval Fountain (2130)

Dimensions: 340 x 175cm, height 79cm

(133.85 x 68.89in., height 31.10in.)

19th century, Normandie/France

Robust, oval trough – ideal as a bathing pool.

Bath fountain granite (2180)

Dimensions: 188 x 115cm, height 80cm

(74.01 x 45.27in., height 31.49 in.)


Fountain, Mägenwiler Muschelkalk (2144)

Dimentions: 230 x 104cm, height 65cm

(90.55 x 40.94in., height 25.59in.)

Origin: Switzerland

Elaborate, rectangular, upwards bulging fountain basin with a delicately chiselled year date 1873. Fountain wall as well as the edges are vaulted.

Cast iron sculpture, 19th century, Val D’Osone (1099)

A cultural and art historical highlight produced in the art foundry Val D‘Osne.

Graceful, nearly life size female figures sitting next to the water, animated water feature welling from a shell.

Limestone fountain (1050)

Dimensions: 165 x 120cm, height 75cm

(64.96 x 47.24in., height 29.52in.)

18. century, from Switzerland

With a massive pillar behind the trough.




Granite fountain (2196)

Dimensions: 157 x 68cm, height 42cm

(61.81 x 26.77in., height 16.53in.)


Granite trough (2176)

Dimensions:160 x 133cm, height 92cm

(62.99 x52.36in., height 36.22in.)


Granite fountain (2187)

Dimensions: 118 x 85cm, height 46cm

(46.45 x 33.46in, height 18.11in.)

Granite fountain (2188)

Dimensions: 158 x 87cm, height 48

(62.20 x 34.25in., height 18.89in.)

Bath fountain granit (2175)

Dimensions: 196 x 98cm, height 70cm

(77.16 x 38.58in., height 27.55in.)

Small granite trough (2190)

Dimensions: 113 x 86cm, height 57cm

(44.48 x 33.85in., heihgt 22.44in.)


Waterspout fountain, sand-lime brick (483)

Dimensions: big trough Ø 120cm (47in.), small trough Ø 68cm (27in.)

Total height 210cm (83in.)

Floral weir with a subjacent collecting pan.

Style of the trough ca. second half of the 19th century.

Limestone fountain (2136)

Dimensions: 185 x 96cm, height 58cm

(72.83 x 37.79in., height 22.83in.)

fountain shell limestone (1151)

Dimensions: 304 x 102cm, height 55cm

(119.68 x 40.15in., height 21.65in.)

Origin: Estavayer, dated 1916

Well-formed fountain, limestone (2084)

Dimensions: 217 x 92cm, height 66cm

(85.43 x 36.22in., height 25.98in.)

Very nice thick-walled fountain with a well-balanced patina.

Granite Fountain (2033)

Dimensions:123 x 88cm, height 47cm

(48.42 x 34.64in., height 18.50in.)

Limeston bathing fountain (2110)

Dimensions: 238 x 106cm, height 89cm

(93.70 x 41.73in., height 35.03in.)

A large, elegant well from France, which is perfectly suitable for bathing.


Granite trough (2097)

Dimensions: 110 x 100cm, height 45cm

(43.30 x 39.37in., height 17.71in.)



height: 151cm, newly patinated

Swiss model from the 19th century (von Roll)
newly patinated


Höhe: 228cm, Eisenguss patiniert

Abguss vom Original (Küferei Hundwil) aus dem 19. Jh.

In der Formensprache den Klassizismus aufgreifend, sind als zurückhaltender Schmuck die Zierleisten am Brunnenstock, sowie die Bekrönung mit Zapfen zu nennen.


height: 228cm, newly patinated

Replica from the original (Küferei Hundwil),19th century

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