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Fountain from Switzerland (2202)

Dimensions: 200 x 100cm, height 70cm

base: 40 x 40, height 240cm

dated 1876

Fountain limestone (2170)

Dimensions: 300 x 77cm, height 50cm

Origin: cloister Jesus, Solothurn, Switzerland


Fountain (2150)

Dimensions: 330 x 330cm, height 80cm

(129.92 x 129.92in., height 31.49in.)


Courtyard fountain with an original pillar (1083)

Dimensions: 250 x 90cm, height 57cm

(98.42 x 35.43in., height 22.44in.)

Crowned with a sphere from the year 1879.

Very rare, complete combination.


Fountain sandlimestone (2102)

Dimensions: 420 x 86cm, height 55cm

Long sandstone fountain, surface graced with a rich and exceptionally beautiful formation of stone lichen.


Limestone fountain (2133)

Dimensions: 176 x 77cm, height 53cm

Rounded on the front with cast iron fountain pillar.

Shell limestone fountain (2124)

Dimensions: 377 x 114cm, height 60cm

148.42 x 44.88in., height 23.62in.)

dated 1843

The material design and the impressive width add to the fountain’s stately allure.

Fountain, Mägenwiler Muschelkalk (2144)

Dimentions: 230 x 104cm, height 65cm

Origin: Switzerland

Elaborate, rectangular, upwards bulging fountain basin with a delicately chiselled year date 1873. Fountain wall as well as the edges are vaulted.

Oval Fountain (2130)

Dimensions: 340 x 175cm, height 79cm

19th century, Normandie/France

Robust, oval trough – ideal as a bathing pool.

Swiss Limestone fountain (1149)

Dimensions: 316 x 70cm, Höhe 45cm

(124.40 x 27.55in., height 17.71in.)

Origin: Bern (Switzerland)

Dated 1886

Round drawing well (956)

Dimension well: 174x174cm, height 91cm

Dimension floor (underground): 216x 217cm, height 17cm

This fountain is a jewel whose shape texture is able to develop an extraordinary harmony.


Impressive Limestone Fountain (699)

Dimensions: 190 x 137 x 360cm

(75 x 54 x 142in.) 

A rare object with an arch on top and space for a sculpture.


Cast iron sculpture, 19th century, Val D’Osone (1099)

A cultural and art historical highlight produced in the art foundry Val D‘Osne.

Graceful, nearly life size female figures sitting next to the water, animated water feature welling from a shell.

fountain shell limestone (2122)

Dimensions: 353 x 115cm, height 48cm

(138.97 x 45.27in., height 18.89in.)


Drinking trough of unusual length (1015)

Dimensions: 349 x 89cm, height 49cm

(137.40 x 35.03in., height 19.29in.)

Origin: Neuenburg

Such big troughs were used as a watering place for horned cattle and cart and draft horses next to markets and train stations.


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