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Portal head / end stone from burnt down Lucerne railroad station

height: 98 cm width: 96 cm depth: 85 cm base: 86 x 86 cm, height 44 cm

Portal head from the burned railroad station in Lucerne from the sculpture of Josef Vetter. The strong character head with pronounced beard and hair ornament is a popular subject, which symbolizes the winter. It is often depicted in connection with the four seasons or the twelve months.



height: 103 cm width: 97 cm depth: 70 cm

Portal head from the burned Lucerne train station from the sculpture of Josef Vetter. The hair ornament of flowers and the striking bow tie are distinctive features that give character to this work of art.

The material is savonniere, a limestone from France. It is characterized by its frost resistance and good workability.

Putto with wine, made of sandstone

height 97cm, width 120cm, depth 50cm

(38.18in., width 47.24in., depth 19.68.)

The half-relief shows a winged putto, surrounded by wine vines, holding a cup in his hand. On his head he wears a wreath of grape leaves.

Man with pipe made of granite

Height 44cm, width 95cm, depth 47cm

Wonderful patina, with en Inizialen CM, artist unknown.

Marble Figure of a girl with flowers (322)

Dimensions: 88cm (35in) tall, base stone 23 x 20cm (9 x 8in.)


Two Angel Puttos with a bouquet of flowers (335)

Marble figures from the 19th century

Dimensions: 76cm (26in.) tall, base stone 32 x 23cm (13 x 9 in.)



85cm (33.5in.) high, basestone: 30 x 25cm (12 x 10in.)

The left foot of the naked Neptune rests on a fish-like sea creature. In his right hand he holds a trident. Head and whiskers are curled, his gaze is lowered.


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